Bhartendu harishchandra Biography

Bhartendu Harishchandra was the connoisseur of the national consciousness and the creator of the era and was an ardent devotee of India and India. He was the first litterateur in Car who initiated the modern era of Hindi literature. He would be credited for raising the Hindi poetry from the morass of luxury. Is

The work done by Raja Rammohan Roy and Swami Dayanand in the social and religious field was done by the Indian Babu Harishchandra in the field of literature.

Bhartendu Harishchandra


Bharatendu Harishchandra was born on September 9, 1850, in the history of Kashi, the famous seat of Amichand, in his maternal grandfather, his father’s name was Gopal Chandra, in a field of poetry literature, his surname was Girdhar Das, and he wrote about 40 texts, hence Bharatendu Harishchandra received his inspiration as a rite of poetic composition from his father, his mother Parvati Devi was a religious woman.

Mother Kali was taken away by the creator in 5 years, she was brought up under the patronage of the parents. But after 9 years, the father died, Hindi language and literature education Pandit Ishwar Dant Urdu Maulvi Tal Ali and English Education Babu Shivprasad stars from Hindi Once child Harishchandra wrote a couplet and presented it to the father, listening to the couple, father blessed him to make it

Lai details decoction, Mr. Anirudh Sujan.
Lord of Banasura’s army was taken aback.

Bharatendu ji was married at the young age of 13, Bharatendu’s entire life had become a leader in the literature service, Bharatendu’s close council with all the writers of his time, at the age of 25, he got the area of disease. In May 1885, this lamp of Hindi literature went on forever

Bharatendu ji was worried about the lack of funds in the last time, due to lack of money, Bharatendu Harishchandra ji has interrupted the work of charity and literary service, he himself has written about this feature – 13

“You will always say that you will get better.
This will be the story of the beloved Harishchandra.

Mr. Bharatendu

Compositions – Bharatendu ji composed 175 texts at a young age of 25, probably because it is said that the qualities of a Gudi person are seen to be seen. Not all the literature of Bharatendu is written by Nagari Pracharini Sabha Kashi by the name of Bharatiya Granth Masala Granth Mala. Published in parts

It has compiled all the works of drama novels etc. in the famous composition of the area (1) Krishna character (2) Rasleela (3) Jaina Kutuhal (5) Prem Malika (6) Prem Sarovar (7) Prem Madhuri (8) Prem Tarang (10) Prem-Baalap (11) Vinay Prem Pachasa (12) Prabodhini Satsaisrringar, etc. Among these poetry books, many small and big poems are also included, some of which are social, some are religious and some are literary.

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A – Effect side features

Following are the main features related to the sentiment of Bharatendu Harishchandra

  • Preponderance of devotion
  • Primacy of makeup

1 -Priority of Bhakti- Bharatendu Harishchandra was an exclusive devotee of Krishna. He has written his writings on many poetic themes related to Krishna. The theme of the posts of Bharatendu Harishchandra is Radhakrishna’s Leela, He has described Bhakti Vinay Daini Holi Basant Phag Varsha, etc. He has done the novel of Krishna with gopi bhava
. After Chakori.
Ere Ghanshyam is your form, Chatki.

2 The primacy of makeup – Bharatendu Harishchandra’s description of Singh is limited and exquisite, he has a deep feeling of love, the compositions on his makeup are written in every poem and words, these have the effect of Ritikalain Nahi Rajat, here their miracles are visible

Without pran-pyre-filled dares, we
will see you with open eyes.

Due to the predominance of exaggeration of the disconnection description of Bharatendu, there is a lack of deep feeling of the heart. This Shastri is more heavy. See the full description of Yoga with extreme –

“Black curse curse, move – move legs.”
Beyond the locks of happiness, beyond the vein “

The preponderance of patriotism- Bharatendu Harishchandra is basically a poet of love, somewhere in his poetry there is love of Radha Krishna and somewhere there is love of the nation. He had a strong feeling of patriotism. They appear highly concerned with the economic and social plight of the country, such as-

“Robah is now Abu Bharat brother of Mili.
Yes yes india’s plight is not seen

Nature depiction – Indian nature was definitely a pity, but he did not get much success in it. The nature description in his plays has become highly seductive and lively. Bhartendu has also composed poetic as a perennial. Prakrit’s charm in the Ganga narration of Satya Harishchandra drama Illustration is available.

Social reform- Bharatendu ji was never a social reformer, but he did important work for social reform by writing poetry and carrying out movement.

Key features related to the art-aspect of Bharatendu Harishchandra

Language- The language of Bharatendu’s poetry is both a standing language and Brajbhasha, according to the needs of his era, he introduced the form of both of these types of languages.

Bharatendu adopted the words of colloquial as well as English, Persian and other languages. He was given a standing position in Sanskrit and foreign languages.

Indian Indu accepted it as a colloquial word. There has been enough inclusion of colloquial words in the language.

This has made his language simple and understandable. Being knowledgeable in many languages ​​like Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit etc.,

he gave more importance to the use of Hindi words, his use of idioms and proverbs has also left his compositions alive and strong.

Genre- Bharatendu’s poetry style is dominated by humor and satire. Four types of genres are found in Indian Hindu poetry. Descriptive affective critical satirical.

In Doha style, Bharatendu Harishchandra has composed poetry. The expression of the style of Indian Hindu Harishchandra is influenced by ornaments and powers. In his poetry, alliterative metaphor, metaphor, inspiration, flash, etc. are the preeminence of ornaments. As a poetic language, Bharatendu used Braj language itself. The more adopted Khadi dialect has been used only in prose composition.

Chhanda- Bharatendu has composed the dead in verses like Kavya Chhappar Kundaliyan Harigitika Soratha Savaiya etc. In all these verses, the Indian Indu has presented varied and extremely beautiful images of love.

Place in Hindi literature- was a poet of Indian blind faith and ritual poetry tradition, he was a patriot of the movement of the awakening of the last e. Bharatendu Harishchandra ji He contributed significantly to the promotion of Hindi language. It is called Jagran Yuga, in this era, from the Yuga, the end of tradition and new trends begins in Hindi literature. He was the creator of the era, he was credited for making Hindi a literary language. And with the view of serving literature, and it is sunny, surely the first revolutionary poems of Hindi, poet Sumitranandan Pant ji, have written about them appropriately.

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