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Many times, we do not know the names of flowers We have a variety of color-colored flowers, we may know the name of a flower

Kids Flower Name read or not to let know the English names of the flowers would not even know Phulo Ke Nam  because our aim is that you go name of flowers, so your children Flowers Name could reveal the names of flowers and children Protect could help you

So in today’s artical, we have told you the flowers name  as well as the scientific name of the flowers with the flowers name list through the photo of the flowers so that you will get the name of the flowers with -With the ease of digesting that flower.

Before starting the article, we want to give little information about flowers. Flower, safflower, manjari, prasoon, gul, suman, puhup and flowers are the exponential words of flowers, we relate them to different names

Its smell captivates the hearts of people, in India, around 50,000 flowers are found. Many colors such as red flowersyellow flowers, and the lovely aroma of flowers give beauty and fragrance to the atmosphere.

Flowers help in increasing the communication of positive energy in life and flowers are a symbol of reverence as well as spirit of the person.

Flowers are used not only in offering to God but also in many ways such as flower bouquets, perfume perfumes, and medicinal herbs etc. are used.

flowers name

In the flower name list, the scientific name of the flowers is also mentioned

You start reading flowers name, we are sure you will like this flowers name list

S.n Image flowers name
1. red rose Rose
2. lotus flower Lotus
3. butterfly pea flower Butterfly Pea
4. Crossandra flower Crossandra
5. Golden Shower flower Golden Shower Flower
6. Forest Ghost Flower Forest Ghost Flower
7. yellow marigold flower Yellow Marigold
8. Pot Marigold Pot Marigold
9. jasmine flower Jasmine
10. Star Jasmine Star Jasmine
11. Night Blooming Jasmine Night Blooming Jasmine
12. Jasminum Sambac Jasminum Sambac
13. Crape Jasmine Crape Jasmine
14. Sunflower Sunflower
15. Common White Frangipani Common White Frangipani
16. hibiscus flower Hibiscus
17. Peacock Flower Peacock Flower
18. daisy flower Daisy
19. Scarlet Milkweed Scarlet Milkweed
20. Black Turmeric Flower Black Turmeric Flower
21. tulip flower Tulip
22. magnolia flower Magnolia
23. Cobra Saffron flower Cobra Saffron
24. yellow Oleander flower Yellow Oleander
25. Lavender flower Lavender
26. Chrysanthemum flower
27. Periwinkle flower Periwinkle
28. Puncture Vine flower Puncture Vine
29. Blue Water Lily Blue Water Lily
30. Aloe Vera Flower Aloe Vera Flower
31. touch me not flower Shameplant
32. Chamomile flower Chamomile
33. balsam flower Balsam
34. Delonix Regia flower Delonix Regia
35. Night Flowering Jasmine Night Flowering Jasmine
36. Flax flower Flax
37. Hiptage flower Hiptage
38. Murraya flower Murraya
39. Narcissus flower Narcissus
40. Pandanus flower Pandanus
41. Sweet Violet Sweet Violet
42. poppy flower Poppy Flower
43. Grand Crinum Lily flower Grand Crinum Lily
44. Prickly Pear flower Prickly Pear
45. Creeper Flower Creeper Flowers
46. Stramonium Stramonium
47. Hollyhock Flower Hollyhock
48. Dahlia Flower Dahlia
49. Lady’s slipper orchid flower Lady’s slipper orchid
50. Foxtail Orchid Foxtail Orchid
51. Pansy flower Pansy
52. Blue Star flower Bluestar Flower
53. Butea Monosperma flower Butea Monosperma
54. Primrose Flower Primrose
55. Purple Passion Flower Purple Passion Flower
56. Indian Tulip Flower Indian Tulip
57. Zombi Pea flower Zombi Pea
58. Indian Cork flower Millingtonia Hortensis
59. Orchid flower Orchid
60. white Cypress Vine Star Glory
61. indigo flower Indigo Flower
62. Lilac flower Lilac
63. Queen Crape Myrtle-flower Queen Crape Myrtle
64. blue Morning glory flower Blue Morning Glory
65. Picotee Blue Morning Glory Picotee Blue Morning Glory
66. Tanners Cassia flower Tanner’s Cassia
67. Bougainvillea flower Bougainvillea
68. Glory Lily flower Glory Lily
69. Brahma Kamal Brahma Kamal
70. Burr Mallow Burr Mallow
71. Blue Fountain Bush flower Blue Fountain Bush
72. Burmanns Sundew Burmann’s Sundew
73. Spanish Cherry Spanish Cherry
74. Ixora Coccinea flower Ixora Coccinea Flower
75. Mountain Laurel flower Mountain Laurel
76. Mexican Tuberose flower Mexican Tuberose
77. Common Lantana Common Lantana
78. Rohira flower Rohira
79. cockscomb flower Cockscomb Flower
80. Mexican Prickly Poppy Mexican Prickly Poppy
81. Showy Rattlepod Showy Rattlepod
82. Crown Flower Crown Flower
83. Indian Shot Canna Lily
84. Common Crape Myrtle Common Crape Myrtle
85. Siroi Lily Siroi Lily
86. ashok flower Ashok Flower
87. Golden Frangipani Golden Frangipani
88. Monsoon lily Monsoon lily
89. Orange Tiger Lily Orange Tiger Lily
90. blood lily Blood Lily
91. asiatic lily Asiatic Lily
92. ranunculus flower Ranunculus Flower
93. Hypericum flower Hypericum flower
94. Columbine Flower Columbine Flower
95. Mirabilis Jalapa Mirabilis Jalapa
96. anemone flower Anemone Flower

Now we tell you the names of flowers and plants living in water (Names of flowers living in water)Names of flowers living in water

1 Lotus (Lotus) – Kamal

flowers name
source: Googlr images

Everyone will know about the lotus flower, it lives in water and spreads rapidly in water. It is the national flower of India. These flowers are found in different colors in different countries, but white, and light pink. Color looks even more attractive

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2 Water Hyacinth – Water Hyacinth

Source: Google Images

Jal Kumbhi – You must have seen it, but did you know what this flower is called in English? If you already knew then you are genius.

Water Kumbhi is in mud and water. Some peoplealso callit wild party Kumbhi. Its color is bright and light purple in color. This attractive plant floating in water,its leaves are 4 to 8 inches, they bloom during the end of summer.

3 Water Lily – Water Lily

Source: Google images

Water lilies are the most beautiful and attractive aquatic flowers in the world. This amazing flower is found in many colors in the world. It is found in about 60 to 70 different species. Water lilies with their wide leaves and round leaves and colorful flowers. is famous


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