51 Healthy fruits name for you

fruits name

Fruits Name- How much fruit are beneficial for our health. We all know this. Consuming fruits every day eliminates many diseases of our body and the body becomes disease free.

Consuming fruits every day brings many types of vitamins in our body. And our body gets strength from fruits. Consuming fruits reduces our body weight gradually.

Which makes us feel lighter, and we are able to do all our work easily. Which they could not do due to weight.

You must be aware that by consuming small amounts of fruits regularly, our body receives all kinds of vitamins.

With which our body gets energy then we remain healthy. You must be aware that in many chronic diseases, the doctor recommends intake of fruits along with medicine.

Because the fruit makes the digestive system strong. So that everything we eat is easily digested

While causing digestive system malfunction. Food was not digested and food did not go belly up

Due to which we are prone to severe diseases but when the digestive system is strong, then we will not have to face any disease.

Because food is easily digested and provides energy and strength to our body and makes our body strong, and we come out of the biggest diseases. Fruit is very important in human life

It has been written in Ayurveda that fruits play a very important role in our body, today we tell you about the importance of many fruits which are helpful in keeping our body healthy.

Apple It is the advice of our doctors that by eating an apple in the morning every day, the deficiency of vitamin in our body persists for a long time.

Due to which we do not have to face less pair and our bodies remain strong always. As we mentioned above, how beneficial the fruit is to our body. Our skilled scientists have also told.

That we can get rid of many diseases by eating apples every morning. For example, cancer gives relief from many other diseases.

Banana- This is the fruit people like the most. Our doctors recommend that by eating two alone in the morning time, our body’s deficiency of all kinds of vitamins is fulfilled.

And it gives relief from stomach problems like constipation, gas etc. in our body. And makes our body healthy

And makes our body nimble And it helps to digest the food that we hope you will come to understand about the benefits of fruits Name.

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List of 51 fruits names

SN. Fruits Name
1 Apple (Apple)
2 Almond (Almond)
3 Apricot (apricot)
4 Beet
5 Citron (sitton)
6 Coconut
7 Date fruit
8 Guava (Guava)
9 Mango (Mango)
10 Musk-melon (musk melon)
11 Plum
12 Peer
13 Pomegranate (Pumginate)
14 Sugarcane (Sugarcane)
15 Water-melon
16 Banana (Making)
17 Black Berry
18 Cucumber (Cucumber)
19 Grape
20 Fig (Fig)
21 Mulberry (Malvari)
22 Orange (Orange)
23 Peach
24 Pineapple (Pine Epil)
25 Peanut (Peanut)
26 Pistachio (Pistacio)
27 Tamarind (Tamarind)
28 Black currant
29 Gooseberry (Gooseberry)
30 Kivi (Kiwi)
31 Papaya (Papaya)
32 Nose berry
33 Strawberry (Strawberry Jhalaber)
34 Lychee (lychee)
35 Mulberry
36 Peach
37 Starfriit (Star Fruit)
38 Blue berry
39 Wood (Bud Apple)
40 Water chestnut
41 Lemon (Lemon)
42 Citron (Kiton)
43 Cashew apply (Kashiv Apple)
44 Black currant
45 Butter fruit
46 Acai Berry
47 Prickly pear
48 Cherry (Carrie)
49 Sweet lime
50 Passion fruit
51 Red banana

Name of fruit without seeds

  • Banana Making
  • Mulberry Malvari Mulberry
  • Grape Grape Grape

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